略称 正称
APSP All Pairs Shortest Path
BB Branch and bound
BBST Balanced Binary Search Tree
BFS Breadth First Search
BIT Binary Indexed Tree
BM Berlekamp-Massey
BM Boyer-Moore
BSGS Baby-Step Giant-Step
CHT Convex Hull Trick
CRT Chinese Remainder Theorem
D&C Divide and Conquer
DAG Directed Acyclic Graph
DEPQ Double-ended priority queue
DFS Depth First Search
DP Dynamic Programming
DST Disjoint Sparse Table
DSU Disjoint Set Union
ET Euler Tour
ETT Euler Tour Tree
FFT Fast Fourier Transform
FMT Fast Modulo Transform
FPS Formal Power Series
HLD Heavy Light Decomposition
IP Integer Programming
KMP Knuth-Morris-Pratt
LA Level Ancestor
LCA Lowest Common Ancestor
LCP Longest Common Prefix
LCS Longest Common Subsequence
LCT Link Cut Tree
LCT Li Chao Tree
LIS Longest Increasing Subsequence
LLRBT Left-Leaning Red-Black Tree
LP Linear Programming
MC Max Clique Problem
MCF Minimum Cost Flow
MIS Maximal independent set
MST Minimum Spanning Tree
NTT Number Theoretic Transform
PQ Priority Queue
RBST Randomized Binary Search Tree
RBT Red-Black Tree
RLE Run Length Encoding
RMQ Range Minimum Query
RSQ Range Sum Query
RUQ Range Update Query
SA Suffix Array
SAT satisfiability problem
SCC Strongly Connected Components
SPFA Shortest Path Faster Algorithm
SSP Shortest Superstring Problem
SSP Successive Shortest Path
SSSP Single Source Shortest Path
SWAG Sliding Window Aggregation
TSP Travelling salesman problem
UF Union Find
WF Warshall Floyd
WM Wavelet Matrix